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Living with an impairment can be challenging – and sometimes it feels as though society is determined to make things tough for us.

We don’t think disability should be a barrier. We want to help build a better life for Disabled People as members of a more inclusive society. Disabled People’s Voice is involved in campaigning on issues that affect you to try and influence policy decisions.

We are led by Disabled People who are dedicated to making your voice heard.

Whether you need to employ a Personal Assistant, find out what benefits you’re able to receive, or you need help or advice for caring for an elderly friend or relative, we are here to help.

I need a Personal Assistant to help me live independently

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If you want flexibility and control over your life, you might think about employing a Personal Assistant, either privately or with financial help from your local council in the form of direct payments.

There are many benefits in recruiting your own Personal Assistant: you have complete control over who works for you, the hours worked and the tasks they do. However it’s important to remember that if you employ a Personal Assistant(s), you will assume the practical and legal responsibilities of an employer. This is the case whether you pay their salary with your own money or with direct payments.

Book in to the free introductory session ‘Employing your own Personal Assistant in care’ to find out how we can help you to live independently.

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I want to find out about working as a Personal Assistant

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By becoming a Personal Assistant you can work in an environment where every day you are empowering a Disabled Person to do what they want to do.

A Personal Assistant’s role is determined by the needs of their disabled employer. They may need help in the home, commuting to work, shopping, or visiting friends and family. As a Personal Assistant, you have control over your availability and can accept roles that fit in with your existing life commitments – e.g. at weekends, in the evening, or school hours. You can work for more than one person if you wish. The work is both rewarding and flexible, plus it is typically better pay than care agency work.

Book in to our free introductory session ‘Working as a Personal Assistant in care’ to find out more.

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We can share our knowledge and experiences of independent living. We want people to have all the support and information they need to work out their own solutions and make informed choices. We also want to ensure people are getting what they are entitled to.

We’re here to provide information and peer support to help people make the best use of the care and health system to live the life they want.

We want people to have the support to do what makes their lives meaningful, to be connected and have friendships. We want people to contribute to their community.

Active peer support

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Nothing quite beats speaking to your peer group